Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Not Negotiable!

I have quality goods for people that can afford and appreciate quality. It costs what it costs. The price is not negotiable. There are no sales or bargain deals because the product is in a class by itself. Limited edition.. Top shelf.. and you will see and recognize for yourself because the proof is in the pudding. 

Truth be told, I'm not looking for anyone average to purchase these goods anyway. If you're not of a certain caliber or status quite frankly you probably won't be able to afford, appreciate or even maintain these goods. Much like buying a high end luxury car, you not only need to have the money to purchase it, but also the funds to keep it in tip top condition. Otherwise, the purchase was a watse of your resources and a disrespect to my product. But, of course, if you yourself are "top notch" and you're already used to "top notch" goods then you wouldn't consider it anything out of the ordinary. Let's face it: you dont get a lot for a little. Life doesn't even work like that. Can you go to the bar and order a bottle of  $200 champagne with the $7 it costs to buy beer? Nope not a chance... bartender would laugh in your face and might even call security.

See, I'm confident in what I possess. But I will not advertise it, over expose it or even explain to you why you would benefit from having it. Your own need or your innate desire to have quality in your life will bring YOU to me, assuming you've thought about it, prayed on it and done your research. And when you see.. you will know! These goods are not only exquisite but exclusive.. in fact.. you will never find them anywhere else.

That said, I will not dress it up as cheap, downplay it so you will buy it, nor will  I ever lower it to a price you can afford. If it's too much for you, then I suggest you go somewhere where you can get a 50% off end of season sale, a BOGO or a going out of business storewide clearance. Or maybe you can go some place where you can get you a "our version of"...  you know the knockoffs that look like it, smell like it but it really aint it. Shoot, those don't even last! But whatever works for you...

Bottom line: reassess your vision and reallign your expectations. Either get your money up or go somewhere and settle for less. And when you're ready to do business, do come again. I'll be happy to assist you, provided it isnt sold out.

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